What instrument(s) does Paul play on......?

Paul, having played on most if not all  of the well known makes of trombones throughout his professional career, now plays  predominantly on a Schagerl "Kissbone" which has a vintage finish and touches of gold plating. A stunning instrument to play and to look at.


 Paul also has a large collection of  Yamaha Trombones.....Xenos and Custom models and has done for some years. The build quality, consistency and customer support he thinks is "first rate".  In his "bone collection" are the YSL882OR (large bore Zalkind model), YSL882GOR, YSL-882GO (large bore open wrap, gold brass bell), YSL-882G (large bore, closed wrap, gold brass bell), YSL-881Y/U & G (straight tenors), YSL-891Z (small bore tenor, Wycliffe Gordon) and the YSL-871 Eb alto (and many more!!).

His loft is like a trombone warehouse.

Mouthpieces used are the Vincent Bach 5G "Artisan," "Zoltan Kiss" Latzsch mouthpiece, The Vincent Bach 5G, Yamaha Signature "Peter Sullivan" mouthpiece and Schilke 46 & 47's.